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Kids & Construction

Kids are awesome. We have four of them! Our kids put the "Family" in "Francis Family Homes." We've built up our business with them underfoot and all around. They've swung hammers, assembled cabinets, swept up sawdust and picked up garbage on building sites.

Long and short - we understand that kids are an integral part of our lives. Their natural curiosity makes it fun to teach them all about how homes are built. Now that we are in an era of remote learning and covid restrictions, it seems even more appropriate to involve them in our business.

Are you considering building a new home? Perhaps this is the ideal time! Most of us have a bit more off-time, whether or not we want it. If you have kids in your life, they can gain valuable knowledge through the process of planning and constructing your home. We will gladly include your children in the project. Of course we can't send them up to do the shingling (!) but watching as we create your construction plans together they can learn about architecture, measurements, insulation, building materials and money. As we build your home, they can watch the process unfold step-by-step. We are happy to answer their questions, and explain why the various parts of building a house are each important.

If you are thinking about building and just aren't sure, get in touch with us! We'd be happy to talk about it with you, with absolutely no obligation to proceed and no cost to chat. If you're already mostly convinced that you'd like to build and are just wondering about our family company and if we're the right fit for you, you can fill out our short questionnaire and we'll get right back to you with the information you need to make a good decision.

We look forward to meeting you (and your kids!).

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